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Located in the Cascais municipality, the Casino Estoril is Europe’s largest casino by capacity. It was the source of inspiration for Ian Fleming’s novel, Casino Royale. The casino has an award-winning golf course, and the hotel is home to several Hollywood stars. The hotel also has the most expensive spa in the country.

The casino is a big business, handling big bucks and big guns. While the Vegas casino scene is undoubtedly the gambling capitol of the world, there are several other cities where staking a claim is a viable proposition. Casinos are regulated by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, which breaks the locale into seven market regions. Casinos are a multimillion dollar business, with revenue estimated at over $1.5 billion per year. There are also several state-licensed casinos that dot the coasts. Aside from the big name brands, you’ll find a number of smaller, but no less legitimate venues. The most popular casinos are located in California, Nevada, and Illinois. Casinos can also be found in the British Isles. There are dozens of casinos in the state of Florida, but the casino industry in Florida is less than half that of the state of California. Several of the larger cities like New Orleans, Miami, and Tampa have their own casinos, as well. Despite the smallish sized casinos, you can find a casino on just about every other corner of the country. One of the larger cities is a mecca for travelers looking for a taste of the good life, but be careful when it comes to making a bet!